LAB Grown Diamond Buyers Guide


LAB Grown Diamonds are real diamonds they do not differ from Natural Diamonds other than the way they are created.
LAB Grown Diamonds help eliminate environmental and political concerns and will also save you money compared to an equivalent quality Natural Diamond

As the name suggest LAB Grown Diamonds are formed in Laboratories using the same extreme pressure and temperatures used to form Natural Diamonds in the Earth.

They do not differ chemically, physically or optically from Natural Diamonds. LAB Grown Diamonds are REAL Diamonds

They are available just like Natural Diamonds in different colours and clarities although generally speaking they tend to be Higher Colours & Clarities rather than lower, even fancy colours like Yellow, Blue & Pink are available.

LAB Grown Diamonds are not the same as Moissanite, Cubic Zirconia these stones are Diamond Simulants or Diamond Substitutes unlike LAB Diamonds they do not possess the same physical propertied as Diamonds. Moissanite and Cubic Zirconia are NOT the same as LAB Grown Diamonds.

There are 2 different Processes used to make LAB Grown Diamonds
CVD – Chemical Vapour deposition
HPHT – High Pressure High Temperature
Both processes produce LAB Grown diamonds there is no one process which is better than the other and the LAB Diamonds created are the same – There are just 2 different ways in which they can be made.

How can you tell the difference?
Basically you can’t, certainly not by eye – no one can.
There are machines which can detect the difference between LAB Grown Diamonds and Natural Diamonds, all professional jewellers should have one of these.
The LAB Grown Diamond should be laser etched on the gridle of the stone stating its LAB Grown and usually with a certificate number too. This is a microscopic engraving and can only be seen with high magnification.

Just as with Natural Diamonds there are various Labs that grade the diamonds, the vast majority of LAB Diamonds are graded by IGI, but you also see them with GIA Certificates and others.

LAB Grown Diamonds offer a very affordable alternative to Earth Mined Diamonds, typically we sell LAB Grown Diamonds for 1/10 of the price of the equivalent Earth Mined Diamond.

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